Welcome, you’re on the page that will allow you to register for the Red Level.

The RED LEVEL is the type of account reserved for producers, that is those who are on INDIEFILM because in search of scripts and projects. Only those who have an active RED LEVEL account can see, in the MARKET section, the SCREENS of each work published on INDIEFILM, while all the others will only be able to see the movie poster, the title and the logline.

However, anyone requesting a Red Level account must have the patience to verify their data. It is a way to give a guarantee to those who will put their works on INDIEFILM.

When the account is activated, the subscriber will receive a welcome email and login details.

Dati produttore

  • Fare l'upload del Logo aziendale. Si preferiscono Jpeg e/o Png Misure: 400x400px


  • Inserire almeno tre dei link richiesti, possibilmente quelli relativi alla casa di produzione. I link serviranno a conoscere la tua realtà e convalidare l'account. Grazie