A Phoenix secretary steals $ 40,000 from a client. Escaping is forced to stay in a gloomy and isolated motel, run by a young man and his mother.

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Marion Crane, a beautiful and young secretary of a real estate agency, is in love with Sam Loomis, an entrepreneur, with whom he has long been involved in a secret relationship. Tired of her ordinary and dreary life, Marion, with the excuse of going to deposit them in the bank, steals $ 40,000, the property of a wealthy client. After a long drive, Marion changes her car so as not to leave any traces and, surprised by a sudden and heavy rain, she accidentally gets off the highway and sees the sign of a motel, the dark and sinister Bates Motel, topped with from a huge house situated on a hill less than 50 meters. While observing one of the windows of the house with the light on, Marion sees the shadow of a woman moving in a room. Marion honks and is joined by the young owner and manager of the motel, the odd Norman Bates. The boy immediately showed himself kind and, after giving Marion room number 1, invited her to dinner at his house. Norman re-enters house to prepare dinner but has a heated argument with the elderly mother, a discussion that Marion listens to from outside without assisting you in person. The mother, with whom Norman lives, is an invalid woman who shows herself petty, bigoted and who refuses to accept Marion at home.



  • Rebecca – La prima moglie (Rebecca) (1940)
  • Il sospetto (Suspicion) (1941)
  • Prigionieri dell’oceano (Lifeboat) (1944)
  • Io ti salverò (Spellbound) (1945)
  • Notorious – L’amante perduta (Notorious) (1946)
  • Il caso Paradine (The Paradine Case) (1947)
  • Paura in palcoscenico (Stage Fright) (1950)
  • L’altro uomo (Strangers on a Train) (1951)
  • Io confesso (I Confess) (1953)
  • Il ladro (The Wrong Man) (1956)


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Alfred Hitchcock